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xpel paint protection film

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Paint Protection film Services

XPEL paint protection film is your car's invisible shield. Designed to wrap your vehicle seamlessly, it safeguards against everyday hazards that threaten your car's pristine finish. 

PPF is is for any car that you are looking to keep pristine, from daily drivers to supercars and everything in between.

  1. Combat Rock Chips & Scratches: The costs of repairing a luxury car can escalate quickly. With XPEL, prevent unsightly rock chips and scratches, saving on potential high repair expenses.

  2. Maintain Your Car's Lustrous Finish: Investment in a luxury car deserves lasting protection. XPEL combats environmental adversaries like UV radiation, tree sap, and bird deposits, ensuring your car's finish remains undiminished.

  3. Boost Resale Value: A well-preserved car exterior can command a premium resale price. XPEL helps maintain that showroom finish, enhancing your vehicle's potential resale value.

  4. Hassle-free Removal: Change of plans? XPEL can be effortlessly removed, leaving your paint untouched and residue-free – an essential feature for luxury car aficionados considering future sales.

In essence, XPEL paint protection film is an assurance for luxury car owners. Secure your vehicle's enduring elegance and its value with our trusted protection.

At New Look Detailing, we promise a flawless installation process, meticulously covering as many edges as we can for a perfectly smooth finish. This not only simplifies the installation but also enhances the longevity of the film by safeguarding its edges. Moreover, we apply a protective coating to your paint protection film post-installation, providing additional defence and a lustrous sheen.

Front End PPF

full Front End

As you can imagine the bonnet and bumper are pretty much the main impact areas on your vehicle so getting these protected is pretty much a must regardless of the car you own. This entry level of protection will ensure the areas highlighted won’t be picking up any stone chips or scratches giving you that peace of mind when driving your pride and joy!

Prices starting from £1200+vat*

Please call for an accurate quote. 

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