The Signature Detail

Why The Signature Detail

This is the most in depth detailing package available. Delivering results only achieved at New Look Detailing Ltd. 

This service is the pinnacle of detailing. Every accessible area of your car will be attended to over a number of days to deliver a final result is unmatched​.

The Signature Process

  • Initially your cars wheels will be removed and the arches and suspension thoroughly cleaned using specialist chemicals and tools to break down the dirt and grime without causing any damage. 

  • Engine bay will be cleaned and degreased

  • The rest of the vehicle will be treated to a multi stage wash and decontamination that will safely remove surface contaminates such as road tar and industrial fallout. 

  • The clay bar process with remove embedded contamination to leave the surface smooth.

  • Once your car is positioned on our vehicle lift the wheels will once again be removed to be cleaned and polished as well as protected with Ceramic Pro 

  • Badges and other removable parts such as washer jets, lights, grilles etc will be removed to be cleaned and allow full access to ensure no areas are left untouched. Parts that can not be removes will be covered to protect them during the correction process

  • Any trims and plastics will be tapped up to protect them dusting the correction process. 

  • Once the preparation stages are complete you cars paintwork will receive a multi stage major paint correction to remove as many defects that is safe to do so and will not compromise the integrity of the paint work.

  • once all of the paint correction stages are complete and the desired finish is achieved, your car will then be protected with your chosen protection products. Either Ceramic Pro Coatings or Xpel Paint protection Film. 

  • The engine bay will be dressed with Ceramic Pro Plastic ​

Once the exterior if completed we will turn our attention to the interior of your vehicle, carpets and fabrics will be shampooed and protected, plastic, vinyl and leather surfaces will be cleaned using suitable products to safely break down any dirt and preserve the finish as well a being protected with Ceramic Pro coatings. 

This service requires an inspection appointment before a quote can be provided. 

Inspections for this service are £50 This amount will be deducted from your deposit upon booking The Signature Detail