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Why you SHOULD invest in the bodywork of your cheap old car!

Seems like a mad thing to do doesn't it? Spend money on a paint correction and protection for a car you brought cheap as a run around?

Well in many cases as the car gets rarer and less of them are on the road, even the most mundane of hatchbacks becomes valuble. You only need to look at 80s and 90s era Fords and BL products which are currently shooting up in value as their sight on the road becomes more scarce.

If you know your not going to be selling the car for some time or would like to hold on to it for sentimental or investment reasons, why not get a head start now and keep as much originality as you can by protecting the paintwork, trims, wheels and fabrics so they are less likely to need to be replaced down the line when parts are rarer and more expensive?

Some examples of some older cars that we have completed in the past are a 2000 Porsche Boxster which had a Ceramic Pro Silver package and leather repairs completed. We caught this car just in time as the paintwork was starting to heavily oxidise and the seats were loosing their colour and cracking, but a night and day difference with some time and investment spent.

We also completed some work on a Lancia Delta Integrale, a rally legend with a price tag in many cases higher now than it was new! Sadly this one had already had a paint job completed before it came to us and it wasn't up to standard. So we were limited to giving the interior a thorough clean and a general enhancement of the paintwork so the customer could enjoy it until it has a better respray completed.

So before you write off that old hatchback as worthless and send it to the scrapyard in the sky, consider it's potential value in the future and take steps now to protect and nurture it going forwards.

If you have a car which you would like to have paint correction, protection or other detailing work completed on get in touch via the details below to discuss your requirements.

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