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Why you should choose DETAILER over DEALER applied coatings?

Here's the scene, during the sales process or even at the point of completing paperwork your dealer offers you their in house paint protection packages, do they represent good value? These are the points to consider before choosing.

1. What is actually being offered?

Even new cars can have defects and scratches in the paintwork caused during transit or whilst the car has been sitting waiting for sale. A detailer will refine or correct the paintwork as required before any coating is applied to ensure the results are as good as they can be. In many cases dealer offered packages are simply a coating which is applied straight on to the paint without any correction performed.

2. What is the quality of the products being used?

In this day and age customers whom are dissatisfied with the results of a product that they have been sold, will be quick to let everyone whom might be considering the product know of their experience. In many cases a search engine search of the "leading" brands used by dealers will return many reviews from previous customers advising if the products lived up to their expectation.

3. What is the value of the product you are purchasing?

It's worth considering that the £500+ protection package that you are purchasing is broken down in to £15-20 worth of actual product, £20 for the time used to apply and £50-100 commission for the sales person leaving still yet £360+ profit, granted these figures may vary from dealer to dealer but ensure they are clear on what you are getting for your money.

4. What training have the staff applying the product had?

Many coatings and sealants require a very clean surface and a consistent application method to ensure they provide the results and longevity that they advertise, detailers will go on frequent manufacturer provided training courses and refreshers to ensure they are applying the product as efficiently and consistently to ensure maximum performance is acheived and maintained. Dealers on the other hand may not have had this training or if they did, it gets passed on by word of mouth to other colleagues leading to inconsistent results or incorrect methods being used.

5. What aftersales warranty is offered if the protection stops working or the car is involved in an accident?

Professional detailer applied coatings such as Ceramic Pro are backed by a insurance recognised warranty and as such if the coating has been maintained as advised and it is not offering the protection advertised it will be re-applied by your detailer. Also if your car is involved in an accident and the insurance company are informed that it was protected with Ceramic Pro for example, the insurance company will pay for the coating to be re-applied once the bodywork has been repaired. Do you get this level of after-sales backup with your dealer applied product?

New Look Detailing LTD are Ceramic Pro ceramic coating and Xpel paint protection film approved and certified installers. We are confident that we have selected the best products available on the market to sell and can tailor a package to your requirements and budget. Get in touch with us today to see what we can offer you.

Tel: 01455 377 141 | Email: contact@newlookdetailing.co.uk

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