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Why 3 stages of polishing and what's the difference?

You may have heard the terms 1,2,3 stage machine polish but not actually know what is involved in these stages. Surely you use 1 polish and just keep going until the scratches are removed or you no longer have paint to remove right? Not exactly, here we will explain the logic behind the different stages.

1 Stage Polish

Designed to remove marring and light scratches caused by washing, this will bring gloss and depth to paintwork which is looking hazy and dull. Referred to as a paint enhancement, a light or finish polish will be used with a suitable finishing pad.

2 Stage Polish

This is the stage of a paint correction where incorrect washing, oxidation and contact with chemicals has taken it's toll on the paint. A cutting compound and pad is used to remove as much of the underlying defects as possible before a enhancement is performed.

3 Stage Polish

Similar process to a 2 stage polish but more in depth with more polishes and pads being used to further refine the paint getting as much clarity as possible without burning through the clear coat or paint. This level of polishing will often make a car look better than it did when it left the dealership!

When is it too much?

Where paint defects are under the clear coat, scratches can be caught with your finger nail or have clearly gone down to the primer layer, no amount of machine polishing is going to correct this. Also a depth gauge is used to check the current level of the paint and if too low it's not safe to proceed with deep cutting. In this instance the car will need to be painted.

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