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Selling your car? Increase it's value and saleability with these 6 tips!

When it comes to selling a car on the used market it's almost like standing in a crowd of people waiting to be picked. Unless you have something particularly rare or exceptional to offer, those that shout the loudest and offer the best presentation are always going to be picked first, so it's important to ensure your car looks as good as it can for a quick sale and the most value!

Here are 6 top tips to help you prepare for selling your car:

Tip 1: Keep your car clean.

Have a look on any car sales website or app now and you will see in many cases the only ones that have clean cars for sale are dealers. Also note these dealers can charge more and still sell a car? Be sure to not only clean your car before taking photos but also so it's ready for buyers to view.

Tip 2: Don't forget about the interior.

You may have become noseblind and oblivious to the condition of your interior, you see it every day and you get used to it. Remember however a buyer is going to be scrutinizing every area of the car so they will notice and a quick vaccum and wipe down of the surfaces to remove dust, mud and other grime goes a long way.

Tip 3: Now is the time to get in depth.

If you've ever thought that going the extra mile when cleaning your car and spending that much longer on it wasn't worth it, now is the time to change that mind set. That little extra effort can change a clean car in to an outstanding car, possibly even the best example of that model available on the market. Removing the wheels to clean them, deep cleaning the wheel arches while the wheels are off, polishing up hazy faded headlights and de-tarring paintwork and wheels will all put your car at the top of the list for presentation.

Tip 4: You may not lift the bonnet of your car often but a buyer will.

If your potential buyer turns up, lifts the bonnet on your car and finds empty reservoirs and a dirty grimey engine bay the alarm bells may start ringing with them on how much care you have taken over the years. Make sure things like coolant, brake fluid, oil and screenwash are topped up and using some APC, Dress, a brush and a cloth on the engine bay plastics will make a world of difference to their appearance.

Tip 5: Take clear and complete photos.

Taking photos which are blurry or don't clearly show all areas of the car is almost if not just as bad as not having photos at all. This is your opportunity to really sell your car before the buyer has even been to see it in person so catch it's best details, options to make your job in person easier.

Tip 6: A glossy car is an attractive car.

Maybe 80% or more of the cars out there for sale and driving around have light scratches on the paintwork called swirl marks. These swirl marks greatly reduce the clarity of the paintwork making it seem dull and in some cases making the colour seem different. Speak to a detailer to see what level of correction can be performed and what the cost would be as this can add value.

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