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New car for 2020? Maintain the look, feel and value with these solutions!

The excitement of receiving your brand new car. The smells and shine that you wish could last for ever but fade over time. Whilst keeping that new car smell is very difficult, protecting the exterior and interior from damage and maintaining the value of your car isn't.

Why spend the extra money on paint correction

and protection for a brand new car?

Cars are often delivered from the dealers with swirl marks and other paint defects pre-installed and it's best to catch these right from the start and add protection to ensure the paint maintains depth and clarity whilst your workhorse or weekend toy fights it's way through stray stones and contamination.

For most this is the 2nd most expensive purchase of their lives, why wouldn't you want it to be as good as it can be and have as much value come sale time?

Ceramic Coatings.

Ceramic coatings such as Ceramic PRO provide fantastic chemical protection for most surfaces. It enhances gloss and depth of shine in paintwork and protects against UV on many surfaces. Providing the hydrophobic layer is maintained, cleaning is made easy as the dirt and grime rolls right off with minimal effort. Longevity of the coating can be expected to be between 6 months or even lifetime depending on the product and application.

Paint Protection Film.

Paint protection film is a clear polyurethane film layer which is applied over the top of the paintwork as a barrier against stone chips, abrasion, bug droppings and other environmental elements. Xpel PPF is self healing with just a little bit of heat and is backed by a 10 year comprehensive warranty. If applied correctly the film can be near invisible to the untrained eye and can be coated to ensure it has the same hydrophobic

properties as the rest of your paint when ceramic coated.

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