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Detailing terms and what they mean (Part 2)

Continuing on from our previous blog, here are some more detailing terms which you may not know the meaning of, we will discuss and explain them.

Fish Eye

Fish eyes are a paint defect which occurs during the painting process, so called as they look like the eye of a fish, they are caused by an imperfection causing the paint to push away from the spot. Very similar to orange peel but much more severe, a very bad example can be seen in the photo to the left but they are not usually this obvious.


Fallout is iron particles which get caught in the peaks and valleys of your cars paintwork. This can be brake dust, contamination from other vehicles and railways, emissions from a factory. As the fallout gets caught in the paintwork it oxidises and gets even more jammed in. The two usual ways for fallout removal is claying and a liquid fallout remover which turns purple as it reacts with the iron oxide particles causing it to loose it's bond with the surface of the paint so that it can be easily rinsed off at most with minor agitation.

Foam Lance

Foam lances are a bottle attachment designed to fit on to most commercially available pressure washers. As high pressure water is fed through the lance it picks up detergent from the attached bottle and aerates it to make a thick foam shampoo which is used to pre-wash vehicles prior to touch washing with a mitt.


Holograms in paintwork are the result of micromarring caused by incorrect polishing technique or media and can also be chemically caused by sealants and waxes not being applied correctly. Similar in look to swirl marks but much finer they are not always as obvious as shown in the picture to the right but there will be a noticeable lack of gloss on the affected panels.

Photo courtesy of Vinnie van Rooij Read the original article here


Why would it be nessasary to add layers of a coating to a painted surface? A painted surface is not completely smooth, under a microscope it has lots of peaks and valleys for contamination and water to bond with. By layering compatible coatings you can bring them above the level of these peaks so there is no exposed paint or clear coat for contamination to

bond to. This is known as the anti-grafitti effect.


Microfibres are synthetic fibers finer than one denier or decitex/thread, having a diameter of less than ten micrometres. The fibres can be arranged to provide excellent qualities for softness, absorbancy, repellancy. In detailing use they are fantastic at trapping dirt in the form of a microfibre wash mitt, super soft for buffing or soft and absorbent in the form of a drying towel.

Orange Peel

Orange peel in paint, so called as it looks like the skin of an orange, is caused by incorrect painting technique or conditions during the painting process. It's difficult in many cases to completely avoid orange peel and as such it has to be corrected once dry with wet sanding and polishing.

Photo courtesy of Vinnie van Rooij Read the original article here

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