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7 questions you SHOULD ask when choosing a detailer.

Detailing is a fast expanding market within the UK

with the services being well established in the US

for many years. Detailing companies can range from

1 person in their garage at home to large companies with numerous colleagues dedicated to specific services. It is therefore important that you know the

right questions to ask when approaching detailers

to ensure your vehicle is in the right hands. Below are the 7 questions that you absolutely should ask.

1. Are you insured to work on my car?

Public liability insurance is not a requirement in the

UK when selling products and services however a responsible business owner will ensure they have this to ensure they are covered for any damage to person or property caused. This coverage should be adequately be able to cover both property and the

risks associated with the services.

2. Are you insured to store my car?

Whilst public liability covers your car whilst it is being worked on, it does not cover it should something happen when it is being stored inbetween work being completed and as some details can take up to and beyond a week to complete, it is important that your detailer has adequate storage cover to ensure that you and they do not loose out should the worst happen.

3. Are you insured to drive my car?

Before your car is driven an inch by your detailer they require motor trade insurance to be covered. This isn't just if they are collecting the car from you to be taken to their address for work to be completed, this is moving the car around to complete the work. Again this should easily cover the value to your car and is another form of coverage should anything happen to your car if it is being worked on, even if it is not being driven.

4. Are you accredited by any professional body?

Detailing isn't a regulated profession and as a result the quality of work and methods used can vary massively being subject to what each individual detailer considers to be correct. As a result associations such as the Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association were created co-operatively between detailers to ensure that customers can be confident that they will experience the same quality of work with all members. PVD as mentioned is a not for profit association which has introduced practical and theory exams for it's members.

5. What products do you use when detailing and why?

There are a lot of products available on the market which promise outstanding results including products which are exclusively available only to detailers such as Ceramic Pro. You should expect that you can ask your detailer what products they have chosen to use and why they chose to use them, what results you

can expect and the benefits.

6. What is the history of your brand?

As part of your initial research in to the detailers you are interested to talk to, you may have got a gauge of what kind of work they have done previously and how they have progressed since they established themselves, however it doesn't hurt to have a conversation with them and it's always a good sign when someone shows real passion and pride in what they have acheived.

7. What warranties are offered as part of your services?

When your spending a considerable amount of money for protection on your car, you want to be confident

that it will last for an acceptable amount of time. Professional grade products and services should

mean professional grade warranty support should an issue arise and in the example of Xpel Ultimate Plus paint protection film, a 10 year manufacturers

warranty against manufacturing defects such as yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating. Also if you move can you visit another local authorised installer of that particular product?

There you have it, the 7 questions you should be asking when looking for detailers.

If your in the Midlands area feel free to give us a call on 01455 377 141 or email us at contact@newlookdetailing.co.uk to discuss your requirements to see how we can create a bespoke solution to restore or protect your car!

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