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2 buckets 1 car wash?

We often get asked why we and other detailers use 2 buckets when washing a car.

You've probably noticed lots of scratches on

many cars which often resemble a spider web affecting gloss and clarity in the paintwork, this is especially prominent on dark coloured cars especially black when they are in sunlight.

Whilst these scratches in most cases can be polished out, incorrect wash methods will soon result in them returning even if the car is regularly waxed or coated with a ceramic coating as the coating, paint or clear coat is marred and damaged by grit and other contaminants being trapped rather than lifted away from the surface.

Along side the use of a good microfibre or wool mitt which will encapsulate the dirt and lift it away from the surface and a snow foam pre-wash to remove as much loose dirt and grime prior to the car being touched we also recommend using 2 buckets, one which contains the shampoo ready for the car to be washed and the other one for rinsing the wash mitt out so you are not returning the dirt and contamination back in to the wash bucket for it then to be put back on the car and risk scratching the surface.

Another highly recommended investment is a grit guard which sits the bottom of your bucket and prevents you from reaching to the level of the trapped contamination at the bottom of the bucket. They can then easily be removed at the end of the wash for the grit to be cleaned from the bucket ready for the next wash.

For the products that we use for washing check out our online shop and to see us in action visit our Youtube channel

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