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1 simple trick to make drying your car MUCH easier!

Drying a car which has just been washed can be a very tedious process, especially on larger cars such as estates and 4x4s. In some cases you may even need to use 2 good quality large microfibre drying towels as the first one saturates with water.

What if we tell you that you can use water to dry water off your car? You think we're crazy right? Well it's true and we're going to show you exactly how to do this.

On a hot day you may find that as water starts to evaporate off the paintwork it leaves lime and other mineral deposits on the paintwork leaving "water spots" so if you see the water starting to evaporate away be sure to spray it over again with your pressure washer keeping the surface wet.

Here you can see lots of water still clinging to the paintwork and whilst you could just dry this off with a microfibre towel it's not very efficient and you will soon find your towel is saturated. Some people combat this issue with larger and denser towels to but there is an easier more effective way!

The same panel after NLD Rinse has been applied and you can see the water has already started separating before the product is fully "activated". NLD Rinse is a highly concentrated polymer wax rinse aid which provides hydrophobic properties.

The rinse is "activated" by spraying it with a high pressure jet of water. You will see a milky run off as the product activates and water will then pool together and run off with the momentum. It can also help to run a steady stream of water over flat planels to create momentum.

No towels have touched this paintwork yet but you can see how the water has been pulled away by the hydrophobic properties of the rinse. Minimal water remaining to be collected in a drying towel and a fraction of the effort is involved.

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