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New Car detailing Services

Are you looking to purchase or have already ordered your new car? 

Don't be pushed in to opting for the dealer applied "paint protection". This is usually applied with minimal prep or experience.

At New Look Detailing we pride ourselves of giving you back the new car you should have collected. 

This makes the difference when looking at, maintaining and even when it comes to selling your car. Our services take a number of days to complete compared to the dealer applied protection that is usually applied in quantity. 

All of the services we offer are completed with profession grade products that are not available to the general public or even professionals that haven't attained the certification. 

Get in touch today and find out just how good your new car could look after some New Look Detailing attention.

Why you should have your new car detailed

Our New Car Detailing service is the perfect way to keep your car looking brand new. We use ceramic coating and paint protection film to protect the value of your new car, while also providing a deeper clean and a high-gloss finish. Come and experience the difference with our New Car Detailing service today!

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