Car Wash

At New Look Detailing you can choose from a range of valeting services to keep your car clean and maintained.

Your car will be cared for using the very best car car products and techniques delivering results unmatched by other valeting companies.

Car Wash


Services Available

 Basic Wash 


✔ Wheels cleaned with our safe pH neutral wheel cleaner and soft brushes.
✔ pH neutral snow foam pre-wash to remove loose dirt and contamination.
✔ 2 buckets with grit guards, a soft microfibre wash mitt and our safe pH neutral shampoo are used.
Our Rinse drying aid and soft microfibre drying towels are used to dry the vehicle.

✔ Door shuts cleaned.

✔ Tyre dressing applied to tyres for a brand new tyre finish.

 Exterior Wash With Interior Vacuum, Dash Clean & Glass 


✔ Items found in Basic Wash.
✔ All interior carpets and fabrics vacuumed.
✔ Dashboard and other plastics cleaned and treated with dressing.
✔ All glass cleaned with our own streak free glass cleaner.

Decontamination Wash

✔ Items found in Basic Wash.

✔ Alkaline snow foam pre-wash.
✔ Wheels decontaminted with iron fallout remover.

✔ Paintwork decontaminated with iron fallout and tar removers.


Optional Extras

We know the above services may not cater to every customer and we are all about tailoring our services to our customers requirements. Below we have optional items that you may require:

✔ Wet vaccuming (carpets/seats) - From £120
✔ Wheels removed for deep cleaning - Add £15
✔ Leather or alcantara cleaning - From £60
✔ Glass sealant applied to exterior glass - Add £15

✔ Hydrophobic sealant applied to paintwork - From £10

✔ Interior deep clean - From £50

✔ Air con refresh - Add £20
✔ Engine bay cleaning - From £35

✔ Underside of car pressure cleaned - Add £10

 Pre Sale Valet


The best way to present your car for sale is as clean as it can be, this ensures the best return for you and in many cases may be the difference between making the sale or not:

From £195

✔ Vehicle wash.

✔ Wheels removed and cleaned, wheel arches cleaned.
✔ Paint decontamination.

✔ Engine bay cleaned.

✔ Paintwork sealed.
✔ Interior deep cleaned & A/C refreshed if fitted.

✔ Interior surfaces dressed.
✔ Tyre dressing applied.


We may need to visually assess the vehicle before we provide a full quotation for the work to be performed. From prices are provided as a guideline and quoted prices will be subject to condition of the car and size. For further information or questions please feel free to contact us.